The common sense to choose a window cleaning robot

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more smart home appliances are favored by consumers. Housekeeping robots have entered some households, such as common sweeping robots and window cleaning robots, which have reduced the burden of housework for many people. , Especially the heavy housework of cleaning windows, which causes a lot of headaches for many people, so is the practicability of window cleaning robots high? Can it be wiped clean? Let's take a look with me below.

Window cleaning robots are classified as smart home appliances because of the support of high technology that enables them to complete the wiping work autonomously and intelligently plan the wiping route. Unlike other smart home products, the window cleaning robots that can act autonomously look more like a A "simulator" with thinking ability. In addition to the focus on intelligence, people are more concerned about the practicality of window cleaning robots and whether they can meet the needs of window cleaning.

First of all, clean the windows, the cloth must be soft~

The reason is very simple, think about what you usually use to wipe glass. Which steel ball or towel do you choose? The main thing here is the cleaning cloth on the window cleaning robot. The softer the cloth, the better the fit and the cleaner the window after cleaning. The reason is the same as the wiper on the car glass. The focus is on the fit. The wiper will harden after a long time.

Second, the suction power should be large~

After all, it is something used at high altitude, and safety must be considered. Look at the parameters when you buy it. The suction power is at least three times to the weight of the fuselage before you consider it. In theory, the larger the ratio, the safer it is, but don't be too large. Because the window cleaning robot is adsorbed by the motor, the greater the suction, the greater the noise.

Third, how to judge the price/performance ratio?

The layman looks at the surface, the insider looks at the key. Just like buying a car, people who don’t understand look at the exterior, seats, and electronic displays. Those who understand look at the frame, chassis, gearbox, and engine. How does the window cleaning robot judge the price/performance ratio?

① Motor output power: circular machine 80~90w (the greater the power, the better, more than 90, the noise needs to be considered, and the price is proportional to it) square machine 70-75w (same as above)

②Cleaning torque: between 25-40, the greater the torque, the better the effect and the more expensive. If the torque exceeds 40, the glass will be damaged during cleaning, so it is not recommended to purchase.

③Mobile phone APP, borderless survey, smart water spray, 2X cleaning are high-end machine functions, and the price is more expensive.

Remember these points, you will not be deceived by buying a window cleaning robot.







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