5 Tips to help you select the best sweeper

Do you have to clean up when return home after a full-day's hard work? Do you have a headache to clean up the milk spilled on the floor by the children? Are you crazy about pet hair strayed around? Don't feel irritable, now a sweeper can help you solve these problems. Now we will introduce to you how to choose a practical sweeper, hoping to bring convenience to your life.

  Here are some quick tips to help you select the best sweeper:

  1. The material of the sweeper:It is recommended to choose ABS as the material to ensure that the sweeper has good drop resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance, and increase the service life of the product.
  2. The suction power of the sweeper:Choose a product with a suction power of 1800pa or more to ensure that the sweeper has enough suction to absorb dust, hair, etc.
  3. The battery capacity and power of the sweeper:It is recommended to choose a product with a larger battery capacity and power, which has a long working time and strong power.
  4. The dust box of the sweeper:try to choose a dust box of 600ml or more, which can hold more garbage without causing jams.
  5. Choosing a vacuum & mop function integrated sweeper can help you solve more problems and meet more needs.

Now you have learnt the information needed to pick your favorite sweeper. Don’t forget to check our website www.ontagroup.com to choose from the high-quality, smart and practical sweeper!





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